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Anne Asensio

VP, Design Experience, Dassault Systemes

As the WW Vice-President of Design Experience at Dassault Systemes, the global leader in innovation software, Anne Asensio has been leading and inspiring teams, creating and implementing design strategies, and driving innovation and transformation for enterprises and society for over 15 years. With a strong background in both automotive and digital industries, she isskilled at designing and delivering best-in-class solutions that leverage the power of virtual twin technology, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Her mission is to enable industry and consumers to shift to a more sustainable and circular economy, by reducing waste, optimizing resources, and enhancing customer value. As the Circular Design Leader at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, she partners with global organizations, policymakers, and educators to promote and implement circular design principles and practices across various sectors and domains. She is also a board member of the World Design Organization, where she contributes to the strategic plan and execution of global programs that strive to create a better world through design.