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Inga Petryaevskaya

CEO & Founder, ShapesXR

Inga Petryaevskaya is the Founder and CEO of ShapesXR, an award-winning startup dedicated to making spatial design and collaboration accessible to everyone. Her journey in the tech world began in the corporate sphere, where she served as a leading research expert at Siemens Corporate Technology and later as the Director of New Business Development at Dell EMC. At Dell EMC, Inga led M&A, developer relations, and various innovation-boosting initiatives within the Office of the CTO.

Seven years ago, Inga embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, captivated by the transformative potential of Virtual Reality. She co-founded Tvori, a pioneering VR animation software that aimed to revolutionize storytelling and 3D animation. During Tvori's development, Inga and her team recognized a crucial need: XR apps must be built within the medium of the user, in XR, to significantly expedite the process and create truly authentic experiences. This insight led to the creation of ShapesXR, a platform designed to democratize the creation of immersive content, including VR, AR, and Mixed Reality applications, games, and experiences.

Inga's passion for delivering seamless user experiences and empowering individuals to think and design spatially, regardless of their 3D expertise, drives her vision for ShapesXR. With a robust background in innovation and research, Inga holds an engineering degree and an MSc in Computer Science from Hamburg University of Technology.