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Liz Dailey

Co-Founder and Executive Director, CreateAccess

Liz Dailey is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of CreateAccess, a nonprofit that engages beginners in 3D creation to provide onramps to further learning and careers. Liz spent most of her career in social work and nonprofit program leadership, and has served as an educator for adult and post-traditional learners. She worked in public health for nearly a decade prior to changing careers to invest in CreateAccess full-time. A beginner 3D creator herself, Liz believes that 3D creation is for everyone, and hopes to help others build confidence to explore its many possibilities. When not working with CreateAccess and experimenting with 3D tools, Liz loves trying new recipes, concerts, boxing, hiking, running, and spending time with her life partner and CreateAccess co-founder, Patrick Cozzi, and their beloved dog.