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Simon Che de Boer

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, realityvirtual

Simon Che de Boer is an internationally renowned photogram/ vologram expert, personality and virtual reality content creator. Simon was part of team that won a Lumiere award for Queen Nefertari's Tomb experience in 2020. He has also digitally captured the Large Hadron Collider as well as many other sites of cultural significance across the world. In New Zealand Simon headed up Mana VR, NZ Parliament, Sky Tower experience and the Wallace Trust Art Gallery.

Simon’s work is commonly referenced in Forbes and other technical publications for being something of a gold standard for photo-realistic real world encapsulations, gaining the company support from the likes of Epic games, Reality Capture, and NVIDIA to name a few.

Simon is the team leader at realityvirtual and continues to innovate and direct research and development programs.