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Tim Bates

Industry Veteran

Timothy E. Bates, with over 40 years in the tech industry, stands out as a visionary leader and innovator. His tenure as a Technical CTO and IT Fellow has seen him at the forefront of emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, and the Metaverse. His significant contributions have been particularly influential in the realm of immersive technology, with pioneering roles at General Motors and collaborations with giants like Deloitte, Amazon, and Google.

Apart from his technical prowess, Tim is also a passionate mentor, working on a book to motivate Gen-Z towards IT careers. His leadership style is characterized by inspiring creativity and encouraging risk-taking. Tim's personal life is as rich as his professional one, being a devoted husband and father of seven, with hobbies ranging from competitive overclocking to culinary arts.

Tim embodies the essence of a lifelong learner and innovator, continually shaping and adapting to the dynamic world of technology.